As a member you have the opportunity to influence the evolution of the standard that values our industry. Our members unify their efforts to expedite the adoption of the model as standard.
A direct benefit is obtained by our members that take into account the prospects of future development of the real estate market, but also the opportunity to meet on “neutral” ground, and in a totally free context with the various actors of the industry

To encourage its iespread use we allow everyone to have access to the standard, but without members, the association and the standard dont might exist.
Your membership is the guaranteed future developments and the sustainability of the standard, it also demonstrates your commitment to the professional standard. Members are at the heart of the “business” of the Association activity.this contribution allows them to:

• participate in the working groups that define the standard
• v
ote decisions of the Working Group in which they contribute
be involved of application and evolution of thea standard
request the creation of a new working group
benefit from the advice of the Association on the use of the standard
participate to the events for members
use the association’s logo
to access information reserved on the members on our Web site.
Receive our e-news and updates from working groups who ensure the sustainability of the standard

Organizations who actively participate in the constitution of the format take ahead on their competitors in adaptation to the demands of the market and new technologies, they benefit from reduced research and development costs.
A key benefit of membership is that you gain perspective on the development of the real estate market and build relationships with those who are in the forefront of the change.


to reach the Association as an Executive Member: annual dues shall be 6000 €  HT for an Executive Member with all of the benefits brought by the Association, and 3000 € HT for organizations with less than five employees.

• Membership is valid for one year at the date of subscription, and renewable on the anniversary date and upon registration during the year.
When you decided to join the Association, simply complete the document “letter of undertaking”

statutes of the Association FIDJI 

Letter of commitment  JOIN FIDJI

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