Why a reference document classification plan?

As an organization of place for the real estate industry, the Association FIDJI had to inventory the typology and the list of documents “business” of real estate investment to propose a model of reference:

in the different contexts of data flow by integrating the indexing keys into the data exchange model

and even beyond this context for any business operator who would like to set up a dematerialized document management project, so that he has a first “grid” of classification

in the context of data flow exchanges, the aim is to associate to the FIDJI file attached documents or hypertext links referencing the documents in the issuer’s GEIDE system with the classification criteria,according to the process concerned.

This reference ranking plan is the result of a working group that developed it from real-life examples with contributions from investors and professionals from the GEIDE sector Electronic Data Management and Information Management. Company Documents.

In a second phase of this workshop, the Association undertakes a rapprochement with the European organizations to extend this standard to the documents required according to the different countries of origin.

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